• Enview for Power Lines
  • Enview for Power Lines
  • Enview for Power Lines
Enview's advanced platform helps utilities enhance safety, reliability, and compliance.

Enview uses proven and powerful 3D geospatial analytics to support your workflow and enable your people to do more. We provide a lightning fast and accurate turnkey solution for Utility Vegetation Management, Incident Response and Thermal Ratings Monitoring. Enview's system is built on AI, alleviating the heroic manpower that has previously constrained wide-scale deployment of technology-driven programs.
Utility Vegetation Management
Fall-In Vegetation

LiDAR data is automatically classified to help detect potential fall-in vegetation both inside and outside of the ROW.
Grow-In Vegetation

Lightning-fast clearance analysis delivers immediately actionable intelligence on potential grow-in locations.
Conductor Clearances

Fusion of data with relative tree health and network connectivity provides insights with network-wide prioritization.
Incident Response
Rapid, Large-scale Analytics

AI delivers lightning-fast results at scale, facilitating use of geospatial for incident response.
Damage Assessment

Change detection against base dataset provides gross impact assessment for network assets and ROW.
Prioritize Response

Change analytics are delivered through web browser and SHPs for easy and efficient actionable insights.
Thermal Ratings Monitoring
Asset Monitoring

Automated detection of asset change enables utility to ensure intended and unintended modifications are identified.
ROW Monitoring

Topographic change, new buildings, undercrossings, etc. that may compromise ratings are detected efficiently.
Ratings Compliance

Tension sections with change at risk of compromising thermal rating reported to utility for further analysis in PLS-CADD to maintain regulatory compliance.
Easy to Use
Enview's process ensures actionable insights are delivered for immediate tasking, removing the headache of dealing with LiDAR datasets.
Priortize and Focus
Scan massive areas and enable people to focus their time and attention on only those parts of the network with meaningful actions.
Lightning Fast
High-performance analytics platform delivers results at an unprecedented speed and accuracy that keep pace with your operations.
Reliable Compliance
Regulatory compliance need no longer be overcomplicated and expensive. Enview's technology enables sustainable, cost-effective and robust compliance activities.