We need a new set of tools.

Our communities rely on energy to power our daily lives but increased threats make it difficult to see, let alone prevent, incidents. With all of the advancements in technology, we ought to have the ability to better protect our communities. Advanced sensors and geospatial analytics have helped but it isn’t enough.

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The future is An Engine to Power Your Geospatial Analytics

Enview’s AI Engine processes and analyzes your LiDAR data so you can prevent catastrophic failures over your entire network with 10x the speed and 4x the accuracy of legacy methods.

Prevent threats from becoming incidents. Enview-Powered Solutions


3D GEOINT – HA/DR – Off-Road Mobility – Pattern of Life


Electric T&D

Vegetation Management – ROW Monitoring for Ratings Compliance – Wildfire Prevention


Oil & Gas

Geohazards — HCA & Class Location — Third Party Activity


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