3D Automation Solutions

Interior AI for the Built World

Scalable AI framework detects features and attribution in interior 3D spaces combined with automation workflows to rapidly unlock business insight and solutions for the built world.

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Underwriting Risk Analysis

Enview’s workflow automation enables micro-scale parcel and building-level insight to be deployed on nation-scale datasets, delivering both high SLA and accuracy.

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Property Attribution

Automating a previously manual process to detect features and extract insights to yield a 300X faster workflow that scales to tens-of-thousands of buildings in a fraction of the time with 97+% accuracy.

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Humanitarian Aid / Disaster Response

Deployed by Fortune 500 energy companies and government agencies to rapidly assess damage and help prioritize response in emergent situations.

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Logistics and Mobility

Within 3 days of request, Enview delivered an AI workflow that automates a complex 50-step, 3D geospatial workflow to enable national security end-users to eliminate weeks of manual analysis.

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Electric T&D Power Lines

Automating 3D classification and analytics to yield a 95% increase in speed and throughput for detecting grow-in and fall-in vegetation for power lines to prevent blackouts and wildfires.

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