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About Us

Our mission is to protect people, critical infrastructure, and the planet by transforming nation-scale 3D geospatial data into insights and action. We reveal what was previously invisible by fusing human and machine intelligence. We do this by using some of the most advanced tools society has at its disposal: deep learning, 3D computer vision, and high-performance cloud computing.

How Enview Began

The inspiration for Enview came from the experiences Enview’s co-founder, San Gunawardana, had while embedded with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan. While there, he saw the challenges of 3D geospatial analytics but also its great potential for how it could be used to inform safety-critical decision making.

Geospatial analytics, the act of understanding the world and how it changes, is a multi-billion-dollar effort touching every field of human endeavor. The bulk of this industry relies on 2D data sources (e.g., satellite and aerial imagery). This is limiting because it forces people to infer truths about a 3D world from a 2D data source, hiding insights and introducing errors.

3D geospatial data, such as LiDAR, have been around for decades. However, 3D data is enormously complex and traditional image processing techniques do not work on it. This has forced people to manually analyze 3D data which is slow, expensive, and error prone. Historically, this has limited 3D geospatial to a select few industries. Enview aims to change that by eliminating the analytics bottleneck to bring 3D geospatial analytics to all people that have a need to understand the world more accurately.


San Gunawardana

Co-Founder & CEO

After finishing a PhD in aerospace engineering at Stanford, San went to Afghanistan where he combined data analytics and remote sensing to detect threats and prevent incidents. San is excited to apply those insights to help the energy sector solve impactful problems. San has done computer vision at NASA, built imaging satellites with the Air Force, and was an early employee at ICON Aircraft.

Krassimir Piperkov

Co-Founder & COO

Krassimir is applying over 15 years of experience in corporate strategy and aerospace to grow Enview’s business. He was previously Director of Strategy and Business Development at ICON Aircraft, where he assisted in closing about $100M in venture financing. Krassimir holds an MBA from Stanford GSB. He is also an avid airplane and UAV pilot.

Eleanor Crane


Eleanor has a PhD in aerospace engineering from Stanford where she did computer vision and Bayesian inference for hazard detection. She has worked at JPL and NASA on spacecraft that were sent to the Moon and Mars, contributing to navigation, sensor fusion, and embedded software. At Enview, Eleanor is excited to use intelligent algorithms to directly impact people and the planet.

Nick Ferguson

VP Strategy & BD

A professional with 10 years’ experience consulting with electrical T&D and pipeline operators throughout the world, Nick was previously Senior Vice President & Business Area Director at Trimble Inc (NM Group) where he led the introduction of technology-driven programs for electric utilities in North America. Nick holds a BSc and MBA from Durham University (UK), is a Chartered Geographer and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.


Enview is the world’s leading 3D Geospatial Analytics company. We exist to protect people, critical infrastructure, and enhance national security by transforming nation-scale 3D geospatial data sets into insights and actions. The Enview platform reveals what was previously invisible by fusing human and machine intelligence. We combine expertise in remote sensing, computer vision and geospatial big data to allow energy and government customers to see the invisible and use today’s data to predict future threats.


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