Automating Geospatial Services at Geo Week 2020

Recently, Enview’s Nick Ferguson participated in Geo Week’s Emerging Technology Showcase. The showcase features product previews from some of the latest innovations in geospatial analytics and data services, and is generally among the most popular sessions at the International Lidar Mapping Forum (ILMF). However, this …

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How the U.S. Air Force is Leveraging Digital Twin Technology

In case you missed it, we recently participated in AFWERX Fusion, an event hosted by AFWERX, the innovation arm of the U.S. Air Force. The annual event focuses on connecting industry, individual innovators, academia, investors, military, and government team members. This year’s theme centered around …

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Tech that is revolutionizing LiDAR programs

With record-breaking wildfires, extreme weather, and increasing population around pipelines and power lines, protecting critical infrastructure has become more important and more difficult than ever before. Aerial LiDAR datasets are a fantastic tool to understand the complexities of this infrastructure, which is reflected in the …

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Eroded river bank along a tributary shown in red. Pipeline and Right of Way location marked by blue lines.

River Bank Erosion Identified with Change Detection

What did Enview find? During a deployment with one of the world’s largest energy providers, Enview automatically identified bank erosion at a water crossing of a liquids pipeline. Enview’s 3D Geospatial Analytics AI Engine compared LiDAR and imagery data sets to detect meaningful changes along …

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Fighting Wildfires with AI-Powered Geospatial Insights

Record-breaking wildfires that result in the loss of life and property have become the new norm in California and other parts of the world. The tools and methods that we’ve relied on to keep us safe are now struggling to keep pace with this new …

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Open space in urban area (left) converted into single-family residences (right).

Enview Automatically Identifies New Buildings Near Pipeline

Detected by Enview for Pipelines – HCA/Class Location Module What did Enview find? During an engagement with a large electric and gas utility, Enview automatically identified newly-constructed homes near a large-diameter gas transmission pipeline. Enview’s 3D Geospatial Analytics AI Engine worked at a massive scale …

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Screenshot of Enview’s web portal showing the finding and associated report

Construction of a Park Impacting Future Pipeline Operations

Detected by Enview for Pipelines – HCA/Class Location Module What did Enview find? Enview’s HCA/Class Location Module (part of the Enview for Pipelines product) automatically identified excavation and construction of a community skatepark. Well-defined outdoor areas of public assembly, such as parks, are important because …

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Traditional aerial view (left). Topographic change analytics (right). Red represents reduction in earth; blue represents increase.

Significant Topographic Change Found Within Pipeline ROW

Detected by Enview for Pipelines – Topographic Change What did Enview find? During April 2018, Enview’s Topographic Change Module (part of the Enview for Pipelines application) automatically identified significant removal of earth on a patch of farmland that was located directly within a pipeline ROW. …

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