Detected by Enview for Pipelines – HCA/Class Location Module

What did Enview find?

Enview’s HCA/Class Location Module (part of the Enview for Pipelines product) automatically identified excavation and construction of a community skatepark. Well-defined outdoor areas of public assembly, such as parks, are important because the congregation of people has a significant impact on how a pipeline is operated.

Why is this important?

The maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP) of a pipeline as well as the scope of integrity and surveillance operations are affected by the proximity of human occupancy: the more people near a pipeline, the higher the margin of safety must be. Enview’s product automatically detects and maps changes to occupancy to help update Class Location and High Consequence Areas (HCA) with reliable, traceable, verifiable, and complete records. Discovering activities early helps plan and reduce cost. Even though this skatepark does not represent a direct threat to the pipe’s integrity, it could impact Class Location and HCA.

What actions were taken?

Given these findings, the operator will be able to prepare well in advance of a Class Location or HCA change and reflect it in their GIS system. Typically, ground and aerial patrols will also be alerted to the new work. In addition, accurately measuring both the area and volume of displaced earth near the pipeline will help the operator closely monitor the construction activities over time.


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