The World is 3D

We experience the physical world in three dimensions and yet nearly all geospatial analysis is done on two dimensional data. Imagery is a fantastic data set, but it represents a 3D world on a 2D plane. 3D point clouds on the other hand are a very accurate representation of the real world, in its true form. Enview has built an AI platform from the ground-up to specifically analyze point clouds. Our technology assists companies and governments to better understand their assets and the environment those assets are in. We’ve worked with wide range of organizations like utility companies to identify dangerous vegetation near power lines, or with pipeline companies to analyze movements of earth and prevent leaks, or with large Government agencies to aid disaster relief.

Our Current Job Openings

Enview is excited to now be part of the Matterport family! We’re always looking for smart people who are driven to reimagine the future of buildings and automating the next generation of 3D AI and workflows. See our new job positions here!

Life at Enview

Unique Data

Our data sets are unique, and they are equally as fascinating. But most of all, you will not find them anywhere else. Join a team that is truly innovating the way we protect the planet and transforming how society understands a changing world.

Remote Work Friendly

We pride ourselves on providing a workplace that our team enjoys. Although we love seeing everyone in person, we care more about the quality of your work than where the work gets done. We offer the chance to work remotely in the name of flexibility and productivity.


All Enview employees are shareholders. We empower people to make their own decisions and share ownership through a generous equity program. Together, we are working to make Enview the best 3D Geospatial Analytics company worldwide and want every employee to benefit from our success.

Health and Retirement

You can’t perform at your best if you are not feeling your best. We offer medical, dental and vision benefits to each employee—effective one month after your first day of employment. We also offer a 401(k) Plan for full-time employees.

Flexible Vacation

We work very hard at what we do. We are passionate, we are committed, and we are determined to make a difference. And that’s also why it’s so important to take a step back every now and again. To take the time to unwind and unplug—with no shame and no guilt. We offer flexible vacation hours so you can take some time for you. Subject to good judgment, we do not currently limit the number of vacation or sick days our employees may take during the year. Get your work done, do your best, take care of yourself and go have fun.

Flexible Work Hours

Our job takes up a lot of our time, but it shouldn’t define our entire life. We understand that you have outside priorities to juggle as well. See the doctor when you are sick, pick up the kids from school, go visit an old friend. Work hard at what you do, but it’s important to live your life, too. You support us, we support you.

Interested in joining our team?