The U.S. Air Force Needs New Tools

A consistent, operational need exists across both the U.S. Air Force and the Department of Defense. Forward-deployed warfighters need timely GEOINT results to enhance mission readiness and execution. However, data collection and analysis are currently theater-level or CONUS capabilities that end-users cannot rapidly task. Sending local data away from the Point of Need creates a gap in timeliness and insight that unnecessarily hinders rapid, effective decision-making.

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Introducing Enview The Next Generation of GEOINT

Enview has partnered with Air Force end-users to demonstrate a Squadron-level capability for remote sensing and advanced geospatial AI that is deployable in a Tactical Operations Center or austere location. The benefits are to significantly enhance decision-making at the Point of Need, increase mission readiness, radically increase speed to insight and action, and decentralize GEOINT capability to empower Squadrons and airmen at the tactical level of operations

Forward-Deployed Geospatial AI

Automation of 3D Point Clouds

Massively automate the exploitation of high-resolution 3D geospatial data (e.g., point clouds from LiDAR, Structure From Motion, or Full Motion Video) with rapid turnaround times.

Enhanced Exploitation of 2D Imagery

Further exploit existing 2D geospatial data by extracting 3D insights with enhanced accuracy in areas of denied airspace.

Empowering Decision Makers with New Capabilities

Enview will deliver to Air Force end-users a transition-ready solution that empowers them with an organic, in-house GEOINT at Point of Need capability. It will bring what were previously theater-level capabilities forward to deployed TOCs and austere locations by providing the Enview solution on a localized edge compute device that can be executed by end-users without outside support.

Empowering Airmen

Enview’s tools empower end-users by providing easy-to-use, forward-deployed capabilities that enhance operational decision-making.


Enview’s solution enables rapid and effective decision-making by allowing data to be actioned where it is collected and needed.

Prioritize and Focus

Scan large areas and triage massive datasets to focus peoples’ time and attention on only those places with meaningful insights.

Lightning Fast

High-performance analytics platform delivers results at an unprecedented speed and accuracy that keep pace with your operations.

Built to enhance the Air Force mission Use Cases

Emergency Operations

Rapidly assess damage to critical infrastructure and assets in order to speed air base recovery and mission readiness. Harnessing new technologies enables savings in time and resources.

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HA/DR & Damage Assessment

Fuse recent, high-frequency space-based data onto pre-existing high-resolution 3D terrain baselines and leverage AI/ML to enhance pos-tdisaster decision-making. Assess facility/community damage, help restore and sustain air mobility, and update routing and disposition of logistics.

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SERE & Mission Planning

Support mobility and overland navigation in both training and operational scenarios by providing airmen with better maps that help them move through the environment more effectively.

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Air Mobility Ops & Austere Basing

Support air mobility by virtualizing the physical world in 3D, including terrain assessments (DEMs, slope angles, change), canopy and vegetation modeling, angle of approach, and infrastructure assessments (structures, power lines/poles, bridges, etc.).

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