10x the speed and 4x the accuracy of legacy methods

The Enview AI Engine reveals what was invisible by fusing human and machine intelligence. This combines the unique capabilities of expert humans with the raw horsepower of big data analytics to empower operators to confidently make mission-critical decisions at scale.

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The Future is Here Industry-Leading Technology

Unlike traditional survey or analysis firms, Enview’s team is made up of world-class data scientists and big data software engineers who are pushing the limits of what’s possible. Enview has developed advanced geospatial AI algorithms that can automatically identify natural and man-made features in nation-scale geospatial data. These AI algorithms use a cascaded series of techniques, including deep learning, neural networks, and physics-based modeling.

3D Computer Vision

Traditional computer vision/image processing algorithms are fundamentally incapable of operating on 3D point clouds. Enview has developed unique algorithms that automatically identify features in unstructured 3D point clouds, and allow inference of 3D properties from traditional 2D imagery.

Deep Learning & AI

Enview’s AI Engine employs a cascade of advanced analytics to enhance exploitation of imagery and 3D point clouds. These methods include deep learning (e.g., CNNs, RNNs), classical machine learning (e.g., SVMs, Bayes nets, random forests), heuristic algorithms, and physics-based modeling.

Scalable Compute

The Enview AI Engine is powered by a proprietary, containerized software engine that can dynamically scale up to tens of thousands of CPU/GPU cores to process large areas in hours, or scale down to austere compute environments for forward deployment.

AI Built to Virtualize the World in 3D and Support Your Operations

There is no stronger AI than one built for your industry and trained for your operations. Enview is the first to apply scalable geospatial AI to virtualize the world in 3D at unparalleled speeds. By designing neural networks that have been trained for 3D mapping, Enview’s solution enables operators to identify threats while minimizing false positives and driving increased accuracy. But Enview takes it a step further by deploying custom AI for each client, or area of operations, that is trained on your unique assets and terrain giving you unmatched precision, change detection, and decision-making insight.

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Unrivaled in Speed and Scale

By offering solutions powered by software, not just services, Enview can scale with your business. Unlike traditional surveyors, Enview’s cloud-based solution allows compute power to be automatically doubled without needing to invest in hardware or people. No other technology provider has matched the speed and accuracy Enview has achieved with utilities around the world.

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