The Only AI Designed for Electric T&D

Enview for Electric T&D can scale to support whole-network insights driving down costs and delivering program results in days, not months.

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Rapidly Analyze Nation-Scale Datasets for Energy Operators

Enview’s Geospatial AI helps clients prevent catastrophic failures over their entire network with 10x the speed and 4x the accuracy of legacy methods.

Vegetation Management

Identify potential grow-in and fall-in vegetation with automated LiDAR classification and analysis.

Rights of Way Monitoring

Detect changes in assets and clearances to ground, buildings, and undercrossings that could compromise electric clearances and line thermal ratings.

Wildfire Prevention & Response

Map every power line, danger tree, and house in a wildfire risk area and take targeted actions.

3D Geospatial AI Key Capabilities

Vegetation Management

Detect grow-in and fall-in vegetation threats both inside and outside the ROW. Rapid clearance analytics based on automatic classification provide insights in days rather than months. Analysis from both the as-surveyed and the maximum sag and sway wire position.

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Right of Way Monitoring

Situational awareness through detection of topographic change, geohazards, new buildings, roadways and undercrossings that could compromise clearances, line thermal ratings and grid resiliency.

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Eroded river bank along a tributary shown in red.

Wildfire Prevention & Response

Wildfires are a threat that are increasing in severity and frequency. To eliminate all preventable wildfires we must proactively reduce wildfire probability and risk at each stage of the wildfire life cycle. Geospatial AI enables users to map every power line, danger tree, and house in a wildfire risk area, and to quantify damage following a fire. By doing this, you can take targeted actions in the field to prepare, prevent, respond, and recover from wildfires.

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Designed for your success

There is no stronger AI than one built for your industry and trained on your assets. Enview is the first to apply AI to unstructured 3D point clouds unleashing unparalleled speed for virtual patrols. By designing neural networks that have been trained for electric T&D, Enview’s solution enables operators to identify threats while minimizing false positives and driving increased accuracy. Learn more about why Electric T&D customers prefer to use Enview’s technology.

Easy to use

Enview’s process ensures actionable insights are delivered for immediate tasking, removing the headache of dealing with LiDAR datasets.

Prioritize and focus

Scan massive areas and enable people to focus their time and attention on only those parts of the network with meaningful actions.

Lightning fast

High-performance analytics platform delivers results at an unprecedented speed and accuracy that keep pace with your operations.

Reliable compliance

Regulatory compliance no longer needs to be overcomplicated and expensive. Enview’s technology enables sustainable, cost-effective, and robust compliance activities.

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