The U.S. Needs New Tools

In the past, the strategic advantage in GEOINT belonged to those that could collect the most data. Today, however, more data is collected than can be analyzed. Further, the legacy methods of representing a 3D world on a 2D map hinders decision-making. Enview provides that strategic advantage by leveraging advances in AI to create the next generation 3D map that enhances human decision-making and accelerates PED cycles.

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3D Geospatial AI Key Capabilities

Automation of 3D Point Clouds

Massively automate the exploitation of unstructured 3D point clouds (LiDAR, SFM, Photogrammetry, etc.) at nation-scale with rapid turnaround times.

Enhanced Exploitation of 2D Imagery

Further exploit existing 2D data by extracting 3D insights and boosting accuracy of object detection and feature recognition from single or multi-look images.

The Next Generation of GEOINT

Enview uses geospatial AI to transform nation-scale datasets into actionable insight. Government customers use Enview’s software and data analytics tools to automatically fuse massive quantities of disparate data sources and intelligently prepare them for human consumption and decision making.

Empowering Operators

Enview’s tools empower end-users by providing easy-to-use, forward-deployed capabilities that enhance operational decision-making.

Boosting Analysts

Enview’s solution integrates with and enhances existing analyst workflows by providing turn-key AI and high-performance computing.

Prioritize and Focus

Scan large areas and triage massive datasets to focus peoples’ time and attention on only those places with meaningful insights.

Lightning Fast

High-performance analytics platform delivers results at an unprecedented speed and accuracy that keep pace with your operations.

Built to enable next-gen GEOINT Solutions Use Cases

HA/DR & Damage Assessment

Fuse recent, high-frequency space-based data onto pre-existing high-resolution 3D terrain baselines and leverage AI/ML to enhance pos-tdisaster decision-making. Assess facility/community damage, help restore and sustain air mobility, and update routing and disposition of logistics.

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Nation-State Energy Grid Modeling

Virtualize nation-state power grids and obtain a continuously-updated digital model of the world’s electric infrastructure and energy usage. Enview’s unique geospatial AI exploits existing remote sensing data and can be deployed on non-cooperative grids in denied areas without requiring access.

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Mobility & Route Planning

Support mobility in 3D and 2D by virtualizing the physical world. This includes terrain assessments (DEMs, slope angles), canopy and vegetation density modeling, line of sight, and infrastructure assessments (structures, power lines/poles, bridges).

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Pattern of Life & Land Use

Identify and track subtle changes in terrain, land use, structure occupancy, agriculture and infrastructure/facility use to inform decision making. Enview’s technology can identify patterns in data that are invisible to the human eye and intuitively present those findings to analysts and operators.

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