How to Virtualize the Physical World in 3D

Enview’s products are deployed on tens of thousands of miles of energy infrastructure and in support of critical government missions. Enview protects more than $10Bn in energy assets. Here’s how Fortune 500 companies and the U.S. Government are using Enview to detect potential threats.

Step 1

Collect and fuse multiple 3D, 2D, assets sensor, and GIS data sources

Energy companies and government agencies collect a variety of disparate geospatial data. But more data is operationally useless if you can’t make sense of it. The Enview AI Engine ingests and fuses geospatial data from disparate sources.

Step 2

Analyze big geospatial data with machine learning and computer vision algorithms

Data then runs through Enview’s proprietary geospatial artificial intelligence Engine which then creates a 3D model of the physical world.

Step 3

Transform massive amounts of geospatial data into meaningful insights

Using AI custom-built for 3D mapping, the Enview Engine automatically extracts targeted insights from large areas and presents them for boots-on-ground actioning.

Prevent threats from becoming incidents. Enview-Powered Solutions


3D GEOINT – HA/DR – Off-Road Mobility – Pattern of Life


Electric T&D

Vegetation Management – ROW Monitoring for Ratings Compliance – Wildfire Prevention


Oil & Gas

Geohazards — HCA & Class Location — Third Party Activity


See the Benefits with Enview

Easy to use

Enview’s process ensures actionable insights are delivered for immediate tasking, removing the headache of dealing with huge LiDAR and imagery datasets.

Prioritize and focus

Scan massive areas and enable people to focus their time and attention on only those parts of the network with meaningful actions.

Lightning fast

High-performance analytics platform delivers results at an unprecedented speed and accuracy that keep pace with your operations.

Reliable compliance

Regulatory compliance no longer needs to be overcomplicated and expensive. Enview’s technology enables sustainable, cost-effective, and robust compliance activities.

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