AI Designed Explicitly for Pipeline Monitoring

There is no stronger AI than one built for your industry and trained on your assets.

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Extract Novel Insights by Rapidly Analyzing Network-Scale Datasets for Pipeline Operators

Enview’s Geospatial AI provides insights into critical threats that are undetectable from aerial visual patrol or imagery.


Identify changes in depth of cover as well as detect new and monitor existing geohazards, such as landslides, surface erosion and river-bank erosion.

HCA/Class Location

Automatic detection of buildings on and off the ROW for accurate structure counts.

Third Party Activity

Detect potential threats from third-party activities, such as excavation, construction, encroachments, or grading

Pre-Screening and Monitoring Geohazards

Screen large areas to automatically identify locations of significant positive (blue) and negative (red) change in topography. This enables pipeline operators to see where pipeline depth of cover is changing and where landslides, soil erosion, and river bank erosion happen. Earmark threat locations for detailed site investigation. Import known geohazard locations and see where activity has occurred.

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Structure Detection and Monitoring for Change

Automatically update the database of structure locations by quickly and accurately identifying new buildings, changes to existing structures, and any removed buildings.

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Detecting Third Party Activity

The AI computes change between ground surfaces over time to reveal both positive (blue) and negative (red) change in topography that could indicate human activities, such as excavation, construction, and other movement of earth. Enview also automatically detects encroaching structures in the ROW.

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Designed for your success

There is no stronger AI than one built for your industry and trained on your assets. Enview is the first to apply AI to unstructured 3D point clouds to unleash unparalleled speed for virtual patrols. By designing neural networks that have been trained for oil and gas pipelines, Enview’s solution enables operators to identify threats while minimizing false positives and driving increased accuracy.


Enview’s software brings a new level of situational awareness to help inform safe and reliable pipeline operations.

Easy to use

Enview’s process ensures insights are delivered via a web map and can be directly imported into your existing systems and workflows, such as ESRI GIS.

Prioritize and focus

Scan massive areas and enable your subject matter experts to focus their time and attention on only those parts of the system with meaningful actions.

Lightning fast

High-performance analytics platform delivers results at an unprecedented speed and accuracy that keep pace with your operations.

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