What’s New in Enview Explore™ v2.10

This document is intended to highlight the updates and enhancements now available in the latest version of Enview Explore.  Additional information can be found on the Enview website at https://www.enview.com


Release Date 14 January 2021


The focus of Enview Explore version 2.10 is stability and bug fixes. However, we did manage to enhance a few existing features based on feedback from our users.


Changes to Existing Capabilities


New Noise Class Retainment Feature: Upon running the Classify Points action, Explore now retains class code 7 from the source LiDAR point cloud, which is defined as Low Noise by ASPRS. Noise data preclassified in class code 7 will not be reclassified, saving time in the workflow. During the Classify Points action, additional points may be added to class code 7.


Interpolation Through No Data: When running the Generate DEMs action, areas of no data are now interpolated to fill voids and inconsistencies in the data. The resulting elevation models provide a better surface for analysis.



Ability to Open Datasets/Scenes in a New Tab: Enhancements to Explore mean users now have the ability to right-click on a dataset/scene and open it in a new browser tab. This is particularly useful for users who tend to open many scenes at once for comparison.


Resolved Issues


Fix for User Names with Capital Letters: Users who had capital letters in their email address were unable to process data in Explore. This has now been addressed.


High Consumption of CPU: Some users were experiencing unusually high CPU usage when using Explore. Our team has identified the issue and has implemented a fix to keep you running problem free.


Ability to ‘Zoom to Extent’ on Raster Products: A bug that prevented users from zooming to the extent of a raster dataset has been fixed. The ‘Zoom to Extent’ function now works the same on both raster and vector data.



Hillshades Appearing Tiled: This release fixes a bug where hillshades generated in Explore could sometimes appear to be tiled visually. Hillshades now render as expected.


Topo Change Detects Areas Where No Change Exists: A bug was discovered that led the change analysis to identify areas where no change exists as areas that were changed. This has been fixed and the change analysis works as expected.


Support for Additional Projections: Explore now supports a handful of additional projection systems in Canada based on feedback from some existing customers.


Known Issues


Slider only supports 2D features: There is a known issue where the change slider only supports 2D layers.




We encourage you to submit feedback and ideas for improvement at ideas.enview.com