What’s New in Enview Explore™ v2.7

This document is intended to highlight the updates and enhancements now available in the latest version of Enview Explore.  Additional information can be found on the Enview website at https://www.enview.com


Release Date 8 October 2020


New Capabilities


Map Session Save: Explore users can now save the state of data in the table of contents, story panels, share links and other settings so that they can open the same scene at a later date and see the same settings.





Low/Med/High Vegetation: In v2.6, Explore added ASPRS values for default high, medium and low vegetation heights. In v2.7 users can now enter custom values for vegetation height breaks and visualize these different layers within Explore.





Append Datasets: Explore now has the ability to append new uploads to an existing dataset. This is a great enhancement for organizations that collect data for large areas in segments, and want to simply append to an existing dataset.


Enhancements to Existing Capabilities


Add Data: After listening to user feedback, users can now add more than one data layer at a time without the window closing between layers.


Ground Layer Turns on Automatically: We’ve heard feedback from customers that they would prefer if freshly classified datasets were displayed on the map with the Ground points turned on. In v2.7, Ground layers for classified point clouds now turn on automatically when added to the display.


Introduction of Scenes: Users may notice that the term ‘Projects’ has been retired and the term ‘Scenes’ has been introduced. This change was introduced to support map save sessions. All older ‘Projects’ have been migrated to classified datasets as part of this change. Additional information can be found here.


Bug Fixes


Grid pattern in hillshade output: Results of a hillshade generation contained a small grid pattern. A fix for this was included in this release. 


Background Processing: A series of bug fixes have been applied to back-end processes to increase speed and stability.


Known Issues


Slider only supports 2D features: There is a known issue where the change slider only supports 2D layers. Support for point clouds will be issued in a future release.


Reset Zoom provides incorrect extent: There is a known issue where the Reset Zoom button always zooms out to the United States extent regardless of project location. This will be addressed in an upcoming release.




We encourage you to submit feedback and ideas for improvement at ideas.enview.com