What’s New in Enview Explore™ v2.16

This document is intended to highlight the updates and enhancements now available in the latest version of Enview Explore.  Additional information can be found on the Enview website at https://www.enview.com


Release Date 09 September 2021


Explore v2.16 is a maintenance release, and focuses on several bug fixes.


Resolved Issues


Inset Map: An issue was identified where the inset map on the dataset overview page had not been updated to reflect the basemap provider. The dataset preview now displays ESRI basemaps.


Large Uploads: A bug was identified where uploading a large number of files caused Chrome to become unresponsive. A fix has been implemented to prevent this from happening.


2D Change Detection:  In a rare case, 2D change detection would fail.  The bug has been identified and resolved.


Known Issues


Markup Popups Do Not Work with Imagery Basemap: You can create markups when using the Imagery basemap. However, clicking the map to Get Feature Information is not working at this time.


Data Missing in Rural Areas: When using the Street and Topography basemaps, some rural areas are missing data below zoom level 17.


Edited Dataset Name: When a user edits a dataset name, the updated name is not reflected when navigating to the Add Data window on the Map page.


Active Pan Outside of Map Extent: In Google Chrome, the cursor’s pan function will remain active if the mouse cursor is moved past the map extent. Moving the cursor back will continue panning as though it wasn’t released. This is an issue with Google Chrome that cannot be addressed by Enview.


Measure Tool: The Measure tool on the Map page does not work when in 2D map view.


Reset Zoom: The reset zoom button in the Map view resets to an unexpected extent if there is a raster or vector layer loaded in the Scene.  Removing the raster or vector layer from the Scene enables the Reset Zoom button to function correctly.


Slider only supports 2D features: There is a known issue where the change slider only supports 2D layers.




We encourage you to submit feedback and ideas for improvement at ideas.enview.com